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The above image is on the rare casio databak voice recorder watch. There many rare casio vintage watches can be bought online and sold online website like ebay, etsy, amazon,

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Casio data bank 30 is one of the unique watch made by Casio in 1980’s .

This watch is very rare to be found in world today and it has unique feature to record to 30 seconds in five slots so that feature was made by Casio in 1980’s that makes it unique piece of technology from the 80’s.

You can imagine in 80’s they made this tiny speaker and recording and play options so small. It could be called as smart watch of 1980’s.

Casio data bank 30 Technical specifications: You can have fun with technical specifications of the watch. It has the recording option and it has also light to see time in dark and it has five slots of alarm and it has hourly alarm or beep you can call it. The display shows day year month date time in hours minutes and seconds.

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