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Donkey Kong JR. is Table Top series which was launched by Nintendo in 1983 April 28 model cj-71 <250,000 and on same date 1983 April 28 Mario’s Cement Factory was also launched model CM-72 <250,000.

It was one of the most existing game made in 1980’s and one of the on demand game.

Donkey Kong Jr. is a New Wide Screen, Tabletop, and Panorama Game and Watch game at first released in 1982. The Tabletop and Panorama forms are a similar game, however the New Wide Screen rendition is unique. The model numbers for the game are DJ-101, CJ-71, and CJ-93 for the New Wide Screen, Tabletop, and Panorama adaptation, separately. DJ represents Donkey Kong Jr. while CJ represents Color Jr. Nintendo produced 1,000,000 duplicates of the New Wide Screen rendition around the world, however they just made 250,000 duplicates every one of the other two.

Similar to the case with all the Game and Watch games, all the three adaptations of the game element a clock and a caution. The clock’s alert can be set when the player presses the switch button with a sharp article. Whenever done effectively, a chime ought to show up on the screen in the New Wide Screen adaptation, and in the Tabletop and Panorama form, melodic notes will show up. After when the caution should go off shows up, the alert will sound (just on the off chance that you aren’t playing the game) and, in the New Wide Screen adaptation Mario will show up and strike the ringer and in the other rendition, Mario will show up and whistle the melodic notes.

Game Play : Donkey Kong Jr. is a platform game. There are a total of four stages, each with a unique theme. DK Jr. can run left and right, jump, and grab vines/chains/ropes to climb higher on the screen. He can slide down faster by holding only one vine, or climb faster by holding two. Enemies include “Snap jaws,” which resemble bear traps with eyes; bird-like creatures called “Nitpickers,” some of which can attack by dropping eggs; and “Sparks” which roam across the wiring in one of Mario’s hideouts. DK Jr. can jump over these enemies while on platforms, switch from one vine/chain/rope to another to dodge them, or knock down pieces of fruit that will destroy every enemy they touch before falling off the bottom of the screen.

This vintage video game DONKEY KONG JR. TABLE TOP could be worth of $80 , $150, $200 or more.

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