Timex Expedition WS4

Timex Expedition WS4

The Timex Expedition WS4 is a multifunction digital watch produced by Timex. In addition to regular timekeeping, it features barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass, and weather forecast functions. “WS4” stands for “Wide Screen 4 Functions”. It was introduced in May 2009.

Design and features :

The watch features a wide screen LCD display designed to show multiple information displays at once without the need to change modes.The reason for that is that during expeditions, the user must be able to see as much information as possible without the distraction of having to press buttons to retrieve the data. Timex calls the display a “multi function dashboard”.The display is also referred to as “widescreen dashboard”.

The watch features a barometer whose output is updated every hour in the form of a graphical display. This creates a barometric pressure chart which was used by Conrad Anker during his Himalayan expedition to predict the weather based on the atmospheric pressure trends. if the pressure decreased suddenly with no subsequent upward trend, it was a sign of an approaching storm, while a gradual pressure increase indicated improving weather.

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